Standard Rates


First 5 hours                      $485.00

Each Additional Hour        $80.00

Full Day                              $750.00

Multiple Days                     $725.00/day



A 20 amp/115 volt power supply is required.  If power is not available an additional fee of $50/five hours or $75/day will be charged to provide a generator.

We are occasionally asked why are prices “seem a little high”.  We ask you to consider the following:

If you hire a live band for your event you can expect to pay each musician at least $200 for an average 4 hour gig. For example a simple jazz trio would likely amount to $600.  A larger contemporary band requiring sound equipment could cost well over $1,500 for a single occasion!  And if a acoustic piano is required you can count on a minimum of $500 for the rental.  For events lasting longer you can expect to pay considerable over time.  Live bands also take thirty minute breaks and often end up eating your food and consuming drinks.

Our band organ entertainment is ALL INCLUSIVE.  We deliver, set it up, it requires no maintenance, it never stops for breaks, it doesn’t complain, and it won’t eat your food.  All things considered THAT is a bargain!